Introducing the Workplace Eye Consultation Program

A seeing workforce is a healthy one!!!
The 5th of May marked the first of many Workplace Eye Consultation programs, where our team in Bulawayo visited Delta beverages. The idea was to do Eye screening and consultation for all Delta Beverages employees, and the response was truly overwhelming.
To say the visit was a success is an understatement. The Delta management commended Zimbabwe Council for the Blind for their efforts in eliminating avoidable blindness.
On the 10th of May, our team in Masvingo visited Zim Parks, Masvingo branch, where they had scheduled to conduct a free Eye consultation program as well for all employees. The program was a success as the team managed to screen 29 Zim parks officers.
As we continue with this program, more organizations in different parts of the country will be part of this initiative, and they will benefit immensely from the free eye screening services.
On Tuesday, the 16th of May, the Bulawayo team will be at Swift, Bulawayo branch to continue with the Workplace Eye consultation program.

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